Orchid care tips and tricks

Are you looking for orchids to embellish your home? These delicate and tropical flowers are a popular choice. They are relatively easy to care for but do require special attention in order to keep them happy and healthy all year round.
Monsieur Fleur offers a selection of orchids for every taste and budget. Our team will help you select the perfect plant for your home.

  • The amount of sunshine an orchid needs will vary based on the variety. As a general rule, it is important to place the orchid in a location that receives a balanced amount of light.
    The Phalaenopsis orchid, one of the most popular varieties on the market today, is relatively easy to maintain and cultivate. If you live in an apartment, your orchid needs light. We advise you to place this type of orchid near a window, making sure to avoid direct contact with the sun.
    Orchids with hardy leaves (Angraecum, Cattleya, Laelia, Cymbidium, Vanda, etc.) need lots of light. They do not fear the sun and appreciate high temperatures.
    Terrestrial orchids with more delicate foliage (Cypripedium, Phragmipedium, Sabot de Vénus, etc.) require a more protected atmosphere and must be kept away from direct sunlight.

  • When buying an orchid, it is important to find out which variety you have in order to determine the appropriate temperature for your plant. There are three types: cold, temperate and warm orchids.

  • Orchids need to be watered regularly but in moderation as too much water could cause the plant’s roots to rot. We recommend regularly moistening the soil rather than abundantly watering it. We also advise spraying the leaves in order to prevent them from drying out.
    If you have hard water, we recommend watering your orchids with collected rainwater instead. Remember to never leave stagnant water at the bottom of your pot.

    Watering your orchid according to the seasons:
    Spring and summer: water your orchid once or twice a week
    Autumn and winter: reduce your watering to once every two weeks

  • Orchids are very popular for their flowers. This majestic plant blooms at least twice a year, and at least two months after the last flower has faded.

    Here are a few tips on how to care for your plant’s flowers:
    First bloom : once the flower has fallen off, cut off the stem above the second node
    Second bloom : once the flower has fallen off, trim the stem down to the base of the plant

    In both cases, cutting off the stem stimulates your orchid and makes it possible to obtain new growth, and therefore a new flower, more quickly.
    Exception: for some rare orchid varieties, such as the monkey orchid, there is only one flowering period, between spring and autumn.

  • If your plant is covered in dust, the leaves need to be cleaned. To do this, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use green plant “polish” sold in spray cans: it will do more harm than good.

  • Repotting an orchid is necessary to ensure optimal development of your plant. We recommend that you repot your plant every 2 years.

    In order to repot your orchid you will need :
    sharp, clean garden shears
    special orchid potting soil
    a pot the same size as the previous one

    Here is how to repot your orchid, step by step:
    Take the orchid out of the pot, then remove the yellowed or dry leaves
    Remove the soil from the roots by shaking it off
    Cut off any soft, dried out or brittle roots with garden shears
    Add a few clay balls to the bottom of the pot to ensure drainage
    Add a first layer of potting soil.
    Place the orchid in the centre of the pot, and fill the pot with potting soil
    Pack the soil

As you can see, orchid care requires special attention. By following our florists’ advice, your orchids are sure to thrive.
We invite you to visit our flower shops in Ixelles and Uccle to discover our selection of orchids. Our florists will be happy to advise you.

Don’t have time to come to our shops? You can order your orchid online and take advantage of our free delivery to all 19 Brussels communes for all orders placed via our e-shop. We also deliver throughout Belgium.

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