Green plants, flowering plants and cacti

Are you looking for elegant plants to embellish your home? Discover our selection of beautiful green plants, succulents, flowering plants and cacti that will bring a warm touch and a lively look to your home or office.

Monsieur Fleur is at your disposal to help you find your happiness among our selection of plants. Are you looking for a plant that is easy to maintain? Do you prefer a plant that doesn’t need much light? Depending on your tastes and the room you wish to enhance, the Monsieur Fleur team will be happy to advise you.

The ideal sunlight for your green plants

Houseplants are great for purifying the air and adding a welcoming touch to any room. However, not all plants require the same amount of maintenance or light.

Sunny, warm days are ideal for your green plants. In fact, during the summer months, your green plants produce more chlorophyll and can photosynthesize.

However, in order for your green plant to grow in the best conditions, it is important to give it a good exposure to light. The best time to put your plants in the sun is:

  • either early in the morning when the sun is shining ;
  • or in the late afternoon.

This way, your plants will get all the benefits of the sun without the risk of wilting.

Here is a list of houseplants that need more time in the sun: calathea, caladium, zamioculcas, pothos, pilea cadierei, tradescantia or misery, aglaonema or sanseveria. Dieffenbachia, yucca, indoor azaleas, calathea, fern, hemp palm.

How to water your green plants?

Does my plant need water? The answer is easy to find: just take a quick look at its leaves. If their colors are turning brown, it means they are starting to fade, so it’s time to give them some water!

To water your plant properly, you can choose between two techniques:

  1. First technique: pour the water directly into the plant’s pot
  2. Second technique: place the pot in a bowl or sink with enough water (about half of the pot).

It is also important to take into account that water requirements vary from one species to another. Indeed, some plants need more water than others and some can even be sensitive to overwatering.

To know exactly how much water and how often your green plant needs to be watered, ask your florist or nurseryman for advice.

In addition, your plants’ need for water varies with the seasons:

In winter: plants don’t often need to be watered (once a week at most).

In summer: daily watering of your plants is recommended (they may need to be watered twice a day in case of heat waves).

An optimal temperature for your green plant

A healthy green plant should be kept at temperatures between 16 and 19°C. To maintain a healthy environment for your plants (but this also applies to you), make sure to:

  • keep a constant temperature,
  • maintain air circulation,
  • and especially avoid drafts.

How to properly clean your green plant?

Plants easily attract dust. Not only is this not very aesthetic but it also negatively affects the growth of houseplants. In fact, the dust particles stick to the leaves and considerably reduce the photosynthesis process.

A simple and effective way to rid your plant of dust is to vacuum it. A little vacuuming on the leaves of your green plant is all it takes!

How to repot a green indoor plant?

Repotting plants is a necessary and easy operation to allow them to grow well. What’s the point of repotting plants?

For two good reasons:

  • to allow the roots to find the space they need, and
  • to renew the organic matter that your plant feeds on.

We repot houseplants in particular, but this applies to all potted plants, as well as shrubs and fruit trees grown in containers deserve regular repotting.

As you will have understood, the maintenance of green plants is within everyone’s reach. By following the advice shared by our florists, your plants will do wonderfully. However, if you don’t have a green thumb or if you don’t have the time, opt for plants such as bonsai or orchids. Easy to maintain and not very voracious in light and water, it is the ideal solution to avoid any bad surprise. Discover our Bonsai Ginseng which requires little watering and our orchid with its recycled wood planter.

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